New Layout, New Jars, and the Return of Tins!

As we're sure you've already noticed, our layout has recently been changed! We have been meaning to update the look of our site for awhile, and what better time than before the new year!

Everything should still be just as easy to find, but if you have any issues or difficulty managing this site, please let us know! We're also open to suggestions if you feel it could look better in any way.

The second item on the agenda is... the announcement of new jars! After the holiday season has ended, we will no longer have two sizes of jars as the manufacturer has stopped making the 8 oz. jars. We know that the size and price of the 8 oz. jars is much more appealing to many of our customers, especially at conventions, and unfortunately we were unable to find a new style of jar that came in both 16 and 8 oz. sizes that we thought would work for our product.

Due to this we will only have one size from now on. It is a 12 oz. jar and holds around 10 oz.of wax, more than the 8 oz. jars... yet the price will remain the same as the 8 oz. jars - just $18! All custom candles will be available only in this size as well, and will still be $28 just as the current 8 oz. size custom candles are. We're very happy with these new jars as they allow for a much more even burn and wax pool, and look really elegant, sleek, and make the layered candles even more distinctive. We hope you will enjoy the design as much as we do! Here is an example of some of our newer candles in the new jars:

Our last order of business is... TINS ARE BACK! And cheaper than ever! If you've been with us since our launch, you may remember these 8 oz. metal tins. We removed them after about a year for various reasons, but have decided to bring them back as we have many ideas for new tin scents that we think you're going to love. Our tins were originally sold at $15, but now you can snag them for only $10! And what's even better is that if you buy any three tins, they'll be $25 instead of $30! Use the discount code 3TINS at checkout. This code will never expire, so don't worry about making up your mind now!

Thank you all so much for taking your time to read this, and thank you even more for being the most amazing customers a small business like us could ask for. We are tiny and family run, with one person doing graphic design, one managing social media, communications, and shipping, and one developing new candles and making them in small batches (that's me!). Your continued support and input mean more to us than you'll ever know, and we hope to continue to produce new, unique, and awesome products for you for many years to come.


Much love and happy sniffing,