Introducing Our New 10 oz. Jars!

Introducing Our New 10 oz. Jars!


Please welcome our brand new 10 oz. jars! They are tall, sleek, and look much classier than our previous jars (in our opinion)! All jars have been updated to reflect the size and pricing of the new jars (the same cost as our previous 8 oz. jars - so you're getting more for your money!). And don't worry- the static shipping cost for continental US customers is staying!

Any jars you order from now on will be using these new jars, despite the product images displaying the old jars. We are working on updating all products with images of them in the new jars.

For now please refer to the image in this post as well as the previous to get an idea of what the new jars look like!

And don't be afraid to e-mail us with any questions you may have!


Have a wonderful New Year and as always, Happy Sniffing!