Beauty & the Beast
Beauty & the Beast
Beauty & the Beast

Beauty & the Beast

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In honor of the upcoming live-action film, you can own both Belle and the Beast together! 

Only a limited number Beast candles will be made, so get them while you can!

Belle's glittery gold candle is reminiscent of the golden ballgown she wears at the request of the Beast. It smells of the books she so dearly loves and teaches the Beast to love as well, French pastries as an homage to her home, and of course the enchanted rose.

The Beast has a royal blue candle with copper glitter that smells like the musty old castle he resides in with his bewitched staff, the dark and foreboding forest that Belle treks through to save her father only to end up held captive at the massive castle (and which the Beast fights for Belle to save her and her father), and to match his love- the enchanted rose that acts as both his curse and his savior.


You can only get the Beast candle with the Belle candle- they are an inseparable pair! They are also available at a discount and only for pre-order until Friday, March 17th. Any sets purchased before this date will be shipped out on or after the 17th, and any orders placed after will be filled as they come in.

Make sure to get them before they run out!


Available in our NEW 10 oz. jars!

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