Sleeping Beauty

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A young princess was cursed as a baby by an evil fairy, fated to prick her finger on a spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday and die. The princess was named Briar Rose and kept hidden and protected from any situations that would cause her fate to unfold. Unfortunately the evil fairy found Briar Rose and lured her into the trap which would complete the curse set upon her. Instead of death, however, Briar Rose merely fell into a deep slumber thanks to the help of three benevolent fairies that had been watching over her since her birth. As with any happy fairy tale ending, her Prince awakens her with a kiss and she is able to return with him as a princess once again.

Our Sleeping Beauty's glittering fandle is the beautiful pink color of her dress, and smells of roses, like her name Briar Rose, and of chamomile and lavender, two calming scents befitting one who has had a very long slumber.

PLEASE NOTE: Color of candle and label may vary slightly due to the nature of handmade products as well as the variance in monitor color balance and brightness. We do our best to keep our products consistent in both quality and color.