Peter Pan

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Peter Pan is the boy who would never grow up. He is a courageous albeit careless and self-centered young boy, eager to make friends and go on adventures. 

After befriending Wendy Darling and her brothers John and Michael, Peter Pan gives the directions to Neverland as being "second star to the right, [and straight on till morning]". Peter's first layer with this name smells of starfruit - second starfruit to the right, to be precise. The middle layer is scented with sweet maple wood for the pan flute Peter often plays. Finally the last layer, Neverland Forest, is just as magical and aromatic as you would expect its namesake to be - a medley of fresh forest trees mingled with light florals and mysterious herbs. 

We don't want to grow up, and hope you don't either- but maybe not never.

Never is an awfully long time.