About Our Candles

Fandlemonium candles are made from all natural soy wax. They are mixed with carefully selected fragrance oils and dyes to create unique and fun scents based on your favorite characters. Our candles are handmade in small batches, so colors and scents may vary slightly from batch to batch, though we work hard to give you the best quality and consistency possible.

Soy wax candles often experience something called "frosting". Frosting is the crystallization of the soy oils in the wax and creates an interesting snowflake-like pattern on the outside of the wax. This is more common in darker colored candles but usually appears on all colors. Frosting does not affect candle quality in any way - it is simply a reaction caused by exposure to light and colder temperatures. Some soy candle enthusiasts actually look for frosting in the candles they purchase to ensure they are getting all natural soy and not a blend with other waxes! We also think that the patterns often look very pretty, so think of frosting as a sign that your candle is not only of a high quality wax but also the pattern it creates makes your candle one of a kind!