• What is "frosting"?

Frosting is the term for the light colored, almost "snowflake" effect you will see on some candles. It is perfectly normal and occurs exclusively on pure soy wax candles. Some soy enthusiasts actually look for this frosting effect to make sure what they're getting is actually soy! It does not affect the way the candle burns or smells - it is purely an aesthetic effect caused by a number of factors, including, but not limited to, exposure to UV light, cold weather, and is more likely to appear in wax with certain colored dyes in it.


  • Why soy wax?

Soy wax creates a clean burning experience that you can't get from paraffin. Aside from it being 100% natural, it also produces little to no smoke residue, meaning you won't get unsightly grey spots on your ceilings as you might from other candles. Less smoke means a much safer burn for you and your family!


  • How can I get the best scent performance?

Before lighting your candle, trim the wick to 1/4". We find that using small wire cutters works very well if you don't have a wick cutter or sharp enough scissors. After your candle is lit, we recommend you let it burn until a full wax pool has built up (meaning the liquid wax is covering the entire top of the candle with no solid wax showing). This takes at least one hour, sometimes take up to 4 hours. This way you will get the most out of the scent and your future burns will look nice and clean, unlike how some candles burn a hole right through the middle leaving solid wax on the sides that just won't melt down. If you have any issues with your candle not having a full wax pool, you can use a strip of aluminum foil to line the rim of the jar to help keep heat in for one or two burns.


  • How long do your candles last?

We once did a continuous burn on one of our 16 oz. jar fandles and it lasted for over 4 days- that's about 100 hours! We do not recommend you trying this at home, however- candles should be left burning for no more than 4 hours at a time and kept out of reach of small children and animals.


  • Where are your candles made and do you have a store?

We are located in Columbus, WI, where we make all of our candles by hand in small batches, but we don’t have a storefront. You can catch us at some conventions in the Midwest selling in the vendor hall, however!


  • I want to start selling your candles in my store.  Do you sell wholesale?

If you are interested in stocking our candles in your store, please contact us at sales@fandlemonium.com.


  • I want a custom candle but I don't know how to decide the scents.

Feel free to contact us with what you want your fandle to be based on and we will work with you on the best scent combinations to both represent what you are looking for and smell the best!


  • Do you have _________ scent?

Almost any scent you can imagine, we have it! If for some reason you think your scent is too obscure for us to have, you can ask us just to be sure. (Keep in mind though, we have in our stock “pizza” and “puppy breath”.)


  • Do custom candles have to be based on a character?

Definitely not! While most of our candles are based on characters, we have had plenty of customs based on celebrities, family and friends of the customer, and even one based on a customer's old Ford Explorer! If you can think of it, we can make it!


  • Do you ship to my country?

When you go to check out, take a look at the list of available countries for shipping. If you do not see your country, please send us an e-mail and we will make sure you can get a candle shipped straight to you!


  • Have you ever thought about making a "insert character here" candle?

We currently have a very long list of fandoms and candles in the works, so we are currently not taking suggestions. If at any point we are, we will be sure to post about it! For now, custom candles are always an option.


  • When will my candle ship out?

Unless we have your candle already in stock, please allow 2-3 business days for production time. Custom candles can take up to a month depending on if we have the scents you want in stock and how complicated the label is.

  • How long do the candles take to ship?

Typically it takes about 3-5 days for shipping within the continental US. Worldwide shipping takes 5-7 days on average, though we have seen shipping times overseas take over 9 days. Production times during instances of high volume can be up to two weeks or more.


  • How much is shipping to _______?

Shipping varies by weight and location. Please use our store’s shipping calculator to estimate the cost.


  •  This candle is a gift. Can you make sure to not include the price on the packing slip?

We never include price on packing slips. However, if you did use a discount code on your order, that will show up. If you let us know it's a gift, we can black it out (we have no way of removing the discount code from the packing slip before it's printed).