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Curiouser and curiouser... our dear Alice just couldn't keep herself out of trouble in Wonderland... then again, who would be able to resist a bunch of delicious looking cakes that are literally begging "Eat Me!" ? 

The golden yellow top layer smells of those tasty cakes topped with mounds of creamy icing. "Dreams", the middle layer, is a calming and sweet fragrance that might just lull you into a very curious dream as well. The lovely blue final layer symbolizes the nonsense poem called "Jabberwocky" Alice discovers when she first enters through the looking glass. The subject of this poem is a dragon-like creature called the Jabberwock which is expressed by a blend of medieval-esque scents like dragon's blood and frankincense and myrrh over a woodsy background. 


Available in our NEW 10 oz. jars!

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