Anime Candle


Please specify in the order notes which candle you would like. Please note that we have a limited supply of each jar, so you may be asked to choose a different character if the one you want is gone.

Anime candles are in our old jars with glass lids so the picture will not match what you will receive.

Available Candles

Dangan Ronpa-

Chihiro: sugared peaches and soft skin

Junko: despair flowers and bubblegum

Celestia: mulled plum wine and tea

Kirigiri: leather and lavender

Ishimaru: school desks and clean uniforms

Sakura: cherry blossoms and sweet bamboo

Super Dangan Ronpa 2-

Komaeda: island linen

Chiaki: strawberry bubblegum

Souda: cola and motor oil

Ibuki: blue raspberry and sweet musk

Gundam: cedar and fine wine

Saionji: gummies and bananas

Attack on Titan-

3DMG: gasoline, leather and metal

Big Ass Trees: giant forests and certain death

Wings of Freedom: fresh air and victory

Puella Magi Madoka Magica-

Madoka: roses and innocence

Homura: sweet plums and lavender

Mami: milk tea and cake

Sayaka: rain and blueberries

Kyouko: apple cinnamon and chocolate

Kyuubey: funeral flowers and blood

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