Cheshire Cat

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This candle is for those that might consider themselves "odd" and prefer their scents to reflect that. A perpetually grinning feline that can disappear and reappear at will, the Cheshire Cat is mischievous and rather bizarre. His namesake candle has layers that alone may seem normal, but as they fade into each other the combination becomes a bit... mad.

The refreshing and green top scent of catnip vanishes into the next strange layer named "madness"- a word represented by its fragrant synonym. Can you guess what it is? Cheshire Cat's middle layer is a slightly creamy, smoky, and sweet blend of roasted nuts. Get it? Nuts! 

Lastly the candle finishes off by dissolving into the mysterious and deep aroma of midnight jasmine- a scent as mystical as the cat's own disappearing grin.