Fire Emblem Three Houses

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Choose your house! The three houses of Garreg Mach Monastery are here, and bring with them a sense of bravery, leadership, and charisma. Sit yourself down for a tea party with the noble leaders. Who shall you align yourself with?

Black Eagles: Powerful and fiery, this candle has notes of black tea, bergamot, french roast black coffee, and sweet notes of carnation and rose musk

Blue Lions: Cool and distinguished, the scents of chamomile, garden mint, enchanted forests of ceadarwood, with calm midnight jasmine and a darker, black musk permeate from this candle

Golden Deer: Exotic and friendly, the warm scents of chai, forest pine, apples, and a mysterious foreign musk will fill your nose


PLEASE NOTE: Color of candle and label may vary slightly due to the nature of handmade products as well as the variance in monitor color balance and brightness. We do our best to keep our products consistent in both quality and color.