Pride Candles

Pride Candles

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June is Pride Month and in celebration, we are releasing a limited set of flag-inspired candles! The candles are  and won't be staying on our site after June ends! (They may return in another June though...) 

The Transgender Flag candle has three sugary sweet layers- toasted marshmallow, bubblegum, and cotton candy. We can also reverse the order for the top half of the flag, if you prefer!

The Bisexual Flag pops with bright fruit punch, plum, and blueberry scents. Please don't try to drink it! 

The Asexual Flag is full of comforting scents like coffee, coconut, and sweet fig. Probably what hugs smell like. 

The Pansexual Flag is like a party in a candle. We layered watermelon hard candy on top of banana taffy and blue raspberry hard candy. It's mouthwatering, no lie.