Snow White

Snow White

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Snow White was born a beautiful child, given her name by her mother for her snowy white skin. Unfortunately her mother passed, and her father, the King, took a new wife. This new Queen was wicked and held a magic mirror that always told her she was the "fairest in the land" - until one day, as Snow White grew more beautiful with age, the mirror told the Wicked Queen that her stepdaughter was a thousand times more beautiful than her.

The Wicked Queen would not stand for this, and attempted to have Snow White taken and killed by a hunstman in the forest. The hunstman could not do it, and fooled the Queen into thinking he had fulfilled her request. Snow White found herself living with seven dwarfs in the woods until the Wicked Queen, disguised as an old farmer's wife, offers Snow White a poisoned apple. Fortunately Snow White only fell into a deep sleep, and as many fairy tales go, met a happy ending when awoken by a kiss from a prince. 

The Snow White candle is layered with three scents and colors- black for Snow White's hair, glittering white for her snowy white skin, and red for the color of her lips. The black bottom layer smells of the forest in which Snow White lived with the dwarfs, the white layer a light perfumed scent for her beautiful skin, and the red layer of a juicy "poisoned" apple.


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